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Get ready for Minebox

At the heart of Minebox is the joy of leveling up, farming resources, and expanding your very own island. Start your journey on a small plot and turn it into an expansive haven, crafting your kingdom block by block.

Set sail to uncharted islands and brave the perils of the archipelago. Your legendary adventure is being prepared behind the scenes!

Expand your own island and farm resources

Your adventure begins on a modest 4x4 island. As you level up and master the land, watch your domain grow. Engage in farming and agriculture, to sustain and enhance your island. Build, craft, and create your ideal paradise, reflecting your achievements and journey.


Explore a boundless archipelago

Set sail with your own boat and explore islands brimming with jovial pirates and hidden secrets. Delight in a tropical, cartoon-inspired world where each shore promises laughter and adventure.


Embark on quests, conquer foes, and customize your character

Battle through hordes of monsters and formidable bosses, each more challenging than the last. Level up to gain character points, allowing you to customize and enhance your abilities. Embark on a quest for the legendary skulls and carve your path to legend.


Craft, master, and equip 1000+ items

Dive into a world with countless items and professions like fishing, blacksmithing, and cooking. Craft, trade, and master unique items from your adventures, enhancing your statistics like wisdom or defense. Additionally, equip belts, rings, amulets, backpacks, and pets alongside Minecraft's base items for further customization.

All jobs: Miner, Lumberjack, Blacksmith, Harvester, Alchemist, Tinkerer, Cooker, Fisher, Jeweller, Tailor, Shoemaker


Sail with pirate ships

Explore an endless variety of pirate ships of all sizes and brands. Set up workshops on board, store your treasures in cargo holds, and send your ships on expeditions to uncover hidden treasures. The faster your ship, the shorter your teleportation delays. Create and customize your fleet to maximize your adventures in the archipelago.


Dynamic events and Weather

Lunar cycles and weather influence the environment, such as shop closures or events like secret auctions.

Dynamic events and Weather

An Exceptional Immersion

Engage in dialogues with funny characters, collect coins on courses in the worlds, and listen to birds and crickets at night.

And so much more...

Experience your own boat, bank, trade on a real-time commerce and bazaar with in-depth statistics, engage in daily quests, wield magic, enhance your stats and levels, uncover secrets, tackle challenging obstacle courses, and face formidable boss battles. A world brimming with endless opportunities awaits.

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